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Natty Our Dive Boat

Karibik Divers have paid particular attention to the design of their boat in order to provide you with safe, enjoyable transport to your daily dive sites. Commissioned in the year 2000, the 25-foot "Natty" was custom built to Werner's exacting specifications and can comfortably accommodate up to eight scuba divers. Tank racks are located along the center, and plenty of open storage is available under the seats for all of your extra gear.

Stable, speedy and nimble, she is powered by large twin outboards and includes all the mandatory safety equipment such as on-board oxygen, marine radio and first aid equipment. And as always, one of Karibik's friendly skippers will be at the helm, getting you to your destination quickly and responsibly. Bear in mind, that you may take a fair bit of spray en-route if the seas choose to be boisterous, so avoid bringing anything that can't tolerate being wet!

Sometimes it's the little details that make the biggest difference and "Natty" is no exception. She is fully shaded to protect you from the Caribbean sun, and sports an extra-long, extendable ladder to allow easy re-entry to the boat after your dive. By the way, your Karibik crew member will encourage you to remove your BC and tank before exiting the water, which they will hoist onto the boat for you and stow securely for the next leg of your excursion.

You will sit back, relax, and watch the incredible flying fish as they leap out of the water and glide alongside the boat for unbelievable distances. Or, if you're really lucky, you may stir up schools of playful dolphins for a magical topside encounter. Sometimes, getting to the dive site can be half the fun!