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Karibik Scuba Dive Sites and Sights

It's another perfect morning in San Andres, and you are about to begin your diving adventure on the spectacular Sea of Seven Colors. Depending on the ocean's daily demeanor, you will either embark from the Karibik shop, or you will be picked up by boat or taxi at your resort. Karibik's crew will advise you the day before, or will notify you by phone or in person on the morning of your dive. Either way, all of your gear will be ready and waiting, all you need are your sunglasses!

Be prepared to experience everything a great diving destination has to offer. You will dive walls, drifts, wrecks, and caves. Outstanding shore and night diving is also available, all you have to do is ask. With over 30 exciting sites to choose from (all roughly within 15 minutes of departure), there is no limit to the incredible array of sea life waiting to greet you.

Commonly seen are critters such as turtles, stingrays, enormous green and spotted moray eels, giant Caribbean lobster, and, if you're lucky, you'll be discovered by a curious school of dolphins. You will find yourself surrounded by impossibly colored clouds of jacks, tangs, grunts and snapper, as well as more solitary creatures such as barracuda, grouper, trigger and parrotfish as well as the largest angels and spotted drums you've ever seen! Also, this is a remarkable destination for observing the odd-shaped swimmers, such as trunk, file and cowfish, as well as puffer, porcupine and burrfish. Trumpet and cornetfish are very common, and present themselves regularly in a wide range of colors and sizes. Lush gorgonians and coral abound, and you will not believe the plethora of brilliant sponges, always healthy and often enormous. San Andres is also an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, which should aid in maintaining this pristine marine environment.

Between dives, Werner always has someplace interesting lined up for your surface interval. It may be the hustle and bustle of Johnny Cay, a tiny tourist island full of little food and drink kiosks, or the sleepy Fisherman's restaurant, where you'll eagerly devour a plate of local conch and fried plantain. As always, you won't need your wallet, Werner's got it covered. As you await your next dive, Werner will more than likely regale you with colorful tales of the island, or stories of his beloved home country of Germany. The surface interval with Werner is truly part of the fun of diving with Karibik!

If you choose to dive at night, a whole new world opens up for you as rare and strange nocturnal creatures emerge for their evening games of hide and seek. Octopus, squid, stingrays and lobsters come out to play amongst the sea stars and urchins, punctuated by thousands of points of light, generated by tiny luminescent creatures. The night dives take place at a site called West View, which is a safe and relatively shallow location. If you have never done a night dive or are a little afraid of the dark, this is a perfect spot to try it due to its limited depth and low risk of hazards.