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Dear Friends

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you our dive centre and associated services.

Our intention is to provide dive tours and instruction to enable you to enjoy your time in San Andres to it`s utmost. We are fully experienced in all the best dive sites and offer reliable equipment for hire and a punctual organisation of trips so you can relax and enjoy the underwater experience of San Andres.

Briefly then, we meet at the dive centre at 9:00 am and gather our equipment. Our dive boat waits with tanks onboard and after a short dive brief we set off for the reef at 9:30 am arriving at around 10:00 am to begin the dive. Dive computers are provided for each guest and the dive profile is then controlled individually to maximise dive time with the emphasis on safety. Wetsuits are also provided that you may experience the reef without discomfort. The surface interval is spent in one of the island’s many shore based restaurants while our staff prepares you equipment for the second dive. This is our opportunity to tell fish stories and get to know each other better. The second dive, after a suitable surface time of one hour minimum, is usually conducted to a maximum of 25 meters and again, the recommended profile of the computers is used. The dives are conducted like drift dives in that we enter, and the boat follows the progress of the divers on the surface, this increases the amount of scenery you see and enables a more stress free experience. Other available activities are night dives followed by dinner, underwater photography slide shows and island tours.

When considering how best to explore the reefs of San Andres, consider our service with It’s emphasis on safety, comfort and social interaction, we will ensure you are not disappointed!!!

Above all, relax, enjoy your stay on our beautiful island and we hope to see you soon. Thank you for your time in reading this brief guide to Karibik Divers of San Andres.